Mar 032015
Average Homeowners Insurance Rates by Provider Now Being Quoted at
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Rates differences found in the insurance industry can complicate some research conducted by consumers who are estimating annual premiums each year. The Quotes Pros company now integrated changes to its calculator system to help showcase average … Launches Powerful New Quote Free Press Release Center (press release)

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Mar 022015

Question: A past manager used to print dozens of nonsensical pages from numerous websites, pile them all together to make it look like she was actually doing something for a paycheck, then title it “Board Packet” and present it to directors before the meeting. This useless information was a…
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Mar 012015

GENESEE COUNTY, MI — A former Catholic church and an entire mobile home park are among the more than 5,000 properties in Genesee County that are in danger of falling into public hands for failure to pay taxes. Property owners behind on their 2013 taxes …
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Mar 012015

Every year, I’m pleased to see that awareness of a South Carolina tax credit that helps people with high home insurance bills is increasing. And every year around tax time, I write about the Excess Insurance Premium Tax Credit to help increase awareness …
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